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kids Spanish vocabulary!

What's in this resource?


This video introduces the vocabulary.

Coloring Activity Key

Quickly check the coloring activity.

Word List

Print out this word list for a quick reference.


Assess your kiddos knowledge.

Coloring Activity

Use this coloring activity designed for vocab practice.

Assessment Key

Quickly check the assessment.

How does it work?


Click on the link to watch the Instructional Video that introduces to vocabulary.

How does it work?

Once you download


Click on the link to watch the Instructional Video that introduces the vocabulary. You can rewatch it as much as you want!


Print out the coloring activity. Have your kiddos complete it. It's great for practicing Spanish vocabulary in a fun way! You can also print out the word list for them to use with this activity.


Use the coloring activity key to quickly check your kiddos work.


When your kids are ready, print out the assessment for them to complete. This resource actually has two versions of the assessment, one with a word bank and one without. So, if your kiddos are still a little unsure, you can use the assessment with a word bank. But, if your kids are like, "I got this!" they can use the assessment without a word bank. 


Use the assessment key to quickly check your kiddos work.

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John B.

Awesome product!

Nicole L.

Fantastic Resource

Stephanie P.

I cannot wait to use these activities. I greatly appreciate your time and effort and I am sure they will be a hit with the kids too!

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