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Time Management for Kids

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When I think of time management, I think of The Flash. Don’t you wish you could have his super speed? Fold laundry in 2 seconds, flat. Wash the dishes in 3. Sweep the floors in 1. Think about how much time you would have left over to dedicate to the things that really matter to you vs. the stuff you just have to get done.

the flash has great potential for time management

In today’s post, we’re going to answer these 3 BIG questions:

  • What is time management?

  • Why is it important for me to teach my kids time management?

  • How do I teach my kids time management?

Plus, we’ll go over 3 helpful tips for teaching your kids how to manage their time.

What is time management?

Time management is planning how much time you will spend on certain activities. It basically boils down to using your time well.

Have you ever put things off because you were overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start? Have you ever had a day that was really productive? Or, have you experienced both?

If you are anything like me, you’ve had plenty of experience procrastinating. And, you probably know that when the day is done, you feel bad that you wasted your time and didn’t accomplish your goals.

If you have had productive days, then you know how good it can feel to get things done.

This is what we want for our kids…for them to learn how to be productive and to feel good about what they have done with their time.

time management for kids

Why is it important for me to teach my kids time management?

It’s simple - so they don’t waste the time they have on this Earth.

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, time management is a useful skill. It allows you to get important tasks done in a shorter amount of time, once you cut out procrastination. Then, you can make time for fun stuff, once you done.

time management for kids

How do I teach my kids time management?

If you have ever told you kids to get dressed, pack their backpacks, and to get their shoes on so many times that you want to scream out in frustration, then teaching your kids time management skills is a must. It is time to help them develop independence.

1.) Learning to prioritize

Teach your kids that prioritizing just means identifying what’s important. When you know what’s important, you know where to focus your time.

There are 3 questions that I like to have my kids ask themselves when prioritizing:

  • Is this important for my health?

  • Is this important for my learning?

  • Will this help me be tidy?

When you’re young, prioritizing can be hard. That’s why running through these 3 questions can be really helpful.

2.) Making a schedule or to-do list

One thing that can be really helpful for prioritizing is making a to-do list. Have your kids write down everything that they need and want to get done. Then, make a note of which things are the most important or time sensitive, so they can do those first. They could just work down the list with whatever time they have available or you could help them make a schedule. Schedules can be really helpful for planning out when you are going to do the things on your list. It also helps kids to avoid things sneaking up on them, like tests.


So, let’s say that Tom has a math test next week. Normally Tom would wait until a night or two before the test and start cramming, and he would end up feeling stressed and unprepared. But, Tom’s learning about time management. So, Tom is going to do something a little different this time - plan ahead. He decides to spend 30 minutes each evening going over his notes and doing practice math problems. Because he has spread out his studying over a week, instead of only a few days, he is well prepared for his test and not super stressed out.

3.) Staying Motivated

In the beginning, your kids are going to need your help to learn time management skills. But, they should take over the responsibility more and more as time goes on (once they have learned how to prioritize, make a to-do list, and create a schedule).

They will never master time management if you are always managing their time. So, make sure to slowly turn over the reigns.

But, once they are in charge of their schedule, will they be motivated to say on top of things? That depends on the kid. However, there are things that you can do to encourage them.

Be sure to give them positive feedback when they are doing a good job. Like… “I’ve noticed that you’ve been getting all your homework done without me having to ask you to do it. I’m really proud of you.”

And, if you see that they are repeatedly not managing their time well and you know they have the skills to do it, you may need to set up some consequences. And, be sure to follow through.

For more on consequences, you can check out the blog post: Consequences for Kids


Want help explaining time management to your kids? Check out my youtube video here:


Would you like more resources to teach your kids or students about time management? You can check out my Time Management packet available through TeachersPayTeachers:

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