• Jessica Diaz

My Top 5 Song Picks for Spanish Class

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Integrating authentic Spanish music into your Spanish class is such a great idea! It can give your students a chance to hear the language, appreciate Spanish music, and lift the mood. After all, who doesn't enjoy listening to music? Especially these songs!

Without further ado, here are my top 5 song picks for Spanish Class and how I incorporate them:

Soy Yo by Bomba Estéro

Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Antony

Sofia by Alvaro Soler

Internacionales by Bomba Estéro

Tengo Tu Love by Sie7e

How to incorporate these songs in your Spanish class:

There are times when I have students fill in missing lyric sheets if there are certain words or phrases that I want to emphasize in a song; however, my students really seem to enjoy listening to authentic Spanish music while doing a relaxed Spanish activity, like the color by conjugation activities shown below. Just imagine students listening to Spanish music while working on a fun verb conjugation activity - it is amazing!

I hope you enjoy these songs in your Spanish class! Happy listening :)

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