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5 Children’s Books about Being Respectful

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

children's books about being respectful

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These books are amazing and all lend themselves really well to helping you teach you kids about being respectful (and about having good behavior in general). I have listed them in order of awesomeness! :)

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children's book about being respectful

Do Unto Otters (A Book About Manners) by Laurie Keller

This book is so stinkin cute! I love the illustrations and the comedy weaved throughout the book (great for keeping a kid’s attention). It takes us through the thought process of a rabbit as he thinks about how he would like his new neighbors, the otters, to treat him. He would like them to be friendly, polite, honest, considerate, and kind. And, best of all, it points out that this is how they should treat each other.


children's book about being respectful

My Mouth is a Volcano! by Julia Cook

If you have ever been interrupted by you kids….5 times…10 times….1,000 times, this book is for you! In this storybook, we follow a boy named Luis, who is always interrupting. He seems to think that interrupting is okay because he feels that his words are important. But, later in the book, Luis is interrupted. His mom uses this experience to help Luis understand how his interrupting has made them feel and gives him the tools he needs to stop interrupting for good!


children's book about being respectful

Miss Nelson is Missing! by Harry Allard

This is a fun story! It is a mystery for kids and entertaining for adults. This story is set in a classroom full of misbehaving kids, who take advantage of the kind nature of their teacher Miss Nelson. However, Miss Nelson enacts a plan to turn the situation around. In the end, the kids grow to appreciate Miss Nelson and demonstrate very good behavior. What I love about this book is that it teaches kids a lesson about being respectful in such a natural way!


children's book about being respectful

I Just Don’t Like the Sound of No! (How about Maybe?) by Julia Cook

This book is all about helping kids to accept NO for an answer. I love how this book combines a storybook format with practical steps that kids can follow when they disagree with someone, specifically an adult. It emphasizes the importance of accepting no as an answer, but also explains how kids can disagree with someone in a respectful way.


children's book about being respectful

The Way I Act by Steve Metzer

This book is kind of like a dictionary for kids about positive behavior traits, mixed with poetry and illustrations. The pages are full of rhymes that explain what certain words mean, such as respectful, considerate, capable, and many more!


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I hope you and your kids enjoy these great children’s books. Happy reading!


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I am Jessica from Learning with Jessica Diaz. I have been a teacher for eight years and am a mother of two. I am always reading; I love learning new things! These books are my favorite choices for books about teaching your kids to be respectful.

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